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Dear Book Nerds,

Here at Booked All Night, we strive to keep our discussions and reviews timely. Unfortunately, we also have day jobs and frequently find outrselves low on the energy required to keep up with this project.

It is with a sad heart that we’re announcing that we’re all stepping away for an unknown amount of time.

We’ve enjoyed talking to so many authors and readers over the years and you know we’ll continue to love all things middle grade and YA related, but we can’t pay the bills on our love for literature.

You can still connect with us individually online but the main Booked All Night contacts will no longer be monitored.

So long and goodnight, my little book nerds.

-Jess, Maggie, & Dan




It’s SPRING TIME! Time to get out of your house and get some writing done–if that’s at all possible anyway. So let’s chat about making writing spaces and deciding on attending those (often expensive) retreats.

NYT Bestselling author Maureen Johnson, came by to talk about The Box in the Woods and so much more.

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